Just really thankful to everyone who made this happen, including fans who stayed quiet and waited patiently while the production team and the broadcasters figured things out. Cast They were in such a remote area that Liu Hao Ran fans who drove to the general vicinity couldn’t locate the filming site. "Chinese Fantasy Drama "Novoland: The Castle in the Sky" Releases 13 Character Posters", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Novoland:_The_Castle_in_the_Sky&oldid=981599669, Television series by Tencent Penguin Pictures, Pages using infobox television with unknown empty parameters, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, October 10, 2017 - on air (Monday to Friday 17:00), November 4, 2017 - December 3, 2017 (Every Saturday and Sunday from 14.00 to 16.00. Song Zu’er was confirmed as the female lead in October, and the controversial decision of casting Chen Ruoxuan as Ji Ye was essentially cemented later that month. Lv Guichen, Ji Ye, and Yu Ran decide to join the decisive battle against Ying Wuyi at Shangyang Pass, but unbeknownst to them, an even darker conspiracy is yet to unfold.”. Was the ending just like the book? If anything, the cast seems even more impressive now than it did back in 2017 because they’ve all just continued to build up their resumes and are still playing leads. And then the following video dropped on November 8, 2017. Thank you very much for this very comprehensive introduction to the universe and the entire backstory, from the books to the casting, characters and the actual production itself. Chen Ruoxuan was criticized as being too chubby (he lost a ton of weight for the role), too short (mostly because the production team went with a 185cm Lv Guichen, which isn’t exactly the picture that Jiang Nan had painted in the books), and not “alpha” enough. This could be a breakout role for Yang Le, who is what the Chinese call a “second generation star”, as he’s the son of well known veteran stage/film/drama actor Yang Lixin. Darren Wang and Crystal Zhang Tianai’s 2017 film Legend of the Naga Pearls is also an original story that features the Winged Tribe. The other reason is that Xiangyang, being newer, is less accessible to tourists and passerbys, and the staff have been doing their utmost to keep much of the filming process under wraps. She has a complex relationship with Xi Yan and their story absolutely killed me when I was reading the books. The sequence actually ended up being nominated for Excellence in Title Design at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival. Also, as this is a Liu Haoran blog, there is a natural focus on him, but this post covers a lot more than just him. translation would be something like “The armor is still here!”, and Though director Zhang Xiaobo was not able to attend the forum in person, producer Zhang Weiwei was present, and Zhang Xiaobo called in via video conference. So theoretically, as long as the drama itself has a reliable production team, the quality shouldn’t suffer even if it’s produced by Linmon. Of course, there’s always going to be the book fans who hate the idea of the adaptation and some of the changes that have been announced. Collectively, the stories ended up spanning about sixteen to twenty dynasties and were all vastly different in content and style. That’s amazing. However, he is said to be a fan of the original books, and spent quite a long time preparing for this drama (he started working on it as soon as he wrapped up filming for To Be A Better Man in April 2015), so I’m hoping that this is a Peter Jackson and The Lord of the Rings situation. By the way – you’ll probably have noticed that Liu Haoran’s had two hairstyles in the drama stills that we’ve seen. Novoland Eagle Flag Ep 56 Recap《九州缥缈录》 Turbo Liu Lareina Chen Ruoxuan Zhang Zhijian【Jetsen Huashi TV】37 35 screenshot Novoland Eagle Flag Episode 56 Recap. I think this has the potential to be a really interesting role for him, because it’s a much darker and layered role than his usual fare, which will allow him to show more of his acting abilities. Gong Yu Yi is an original character written just for the drama, and her character profile introduces her as a member of the Winged Tribe and aunt to Song Zu’er’s Yu Ran. Novoland: Eagle Flag 2019 (China), also known as Novoland: Indiscernible Record, Jiu Zhou Piao Miao Lu is China drama premiere on Jun 30, 2019 on QQLive 天空城II gets to air sooner to avoid a run in with the other Novolands and give its lesser known cast a … The only time that he feels the love of a family is when he is put with a foster mother who loves him like he’s her own. He has a heavy burden on his shoulders, as the tribes are constantly fighting over resources, and he has the internal power struggle among his sons to deal with as well, so he doesn’t really get to spend a lot of time with his youngest. Zhang Ruoyun and Guan Xiaotong’s 2016 drama Novoland: The Castle in the Sky is also a standalone drama. In general, the casting has been well received as well (Ji Ye aside). At the same time, powerful warlord Ying Wuyi has been maintaining a firm control over the Emperor, giving him unprecedented power over the nobles. The production team also experienced a two day sandstorm while there. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. (Actor Chen Ruoxuan, who is in Eagle Flag as Ji Ye, did have a supporting role in this drama). It’s been officially confirmed there are 68 episodes! Those invited have been from a mixture of demographics – book fans, fans of specific actors, and those who may have never heard of the series or read the books. The only link between the two is that both are set in the Novoland universe – so you’ll recognize some of the geographical names and tribes. Though the drama never stated that they are no longer participating, it is assumed so as there have been no stills released, nor were they seen filming. In an attempt to ease the fears of book fans and to show their sincerity, on July 29, 2016, Linmon Productions held a discussion forum in Shanghai. As book fans have said, the character of Ji Ye is so appealing that whoever plays him would probably blow up in popularity. I keep seeing the phrase “铁甲依然在 tie jia yi ran zai” – what does it mean? Set in the fictional continents of named Jiuzhou(Novoland), where different countries and tribes fight with each other. Novoland: Eagle Flag is available for streaming on Distributor: Jetsen, both … The parts of the child actors will also be kept to a minimum (the early previews show that Haoran appears pretty much right away in episode 1) as that was one of the biggest complaints about Tribes and Empires (in the books, Lv Guichen is a child for most of book one and a preteen for book 2). He also posted this on Weibo after the first character posters were unveiled, “He is a warm and kind person. Liu Haoran was brilliant and despite how the character may have been written for the drama, I enjoyed Liu Haoran’s interpretation and thought he did a wonderful job. The first book follows the childhood of Lv Gui Chen, who is the heir of the Qingyang tribe and is the youngest of five boys. Yu Ran is the only girl in the trio of friends, and is a member of the Yu Zu (Winged Tribe – yes, she can fly). Everyone has something that they’re fighting for – their loved ones, their past, their future, or maybe they simply just want to prove themselves. Thank you so much for the kind words and for taking the time to read!! This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com. Fingers crossed Novoland:Eagle Flag proves to be a stellar production and a ratings winner, delivering on all fronts. He is going to be so, so awesome in this role. It’s important to note that there’s a big difference here between the production company and the production team. The acting was also wonderful in Tribes & Empire. (Personal anecdote: my dad was actually one of these aspiring internet novelists while working on his PhD – except he lost patience and didn’t get very far. Novoland: Eagle Flag (2019) Details; Episode Guide; Cast; Reviews; Recommendations; Photos; Edit this Page. Will there be a Season 2? Screenwriter. Here is the drama synopsis – credit to the translation on MyDramalist. I’m glad he was casted for the role. The fifth and sixth books cover the return of Lv Guichen to the Northern Land and the obstacles he faces as he takes on the challenge of uniting the tribes and saving his people. Li Yitong (2017 Legend of the Condor Heroes) was supposed to guest in this role, but schedules apparently did not work out. It’s not a reflection on the production team or the cast though; it’s more about the state of dramaland right now. The move of equipment, cast, and crew from Xiangyang, Wuhan to Xinjiang was officially completed on March 6, 2018. The director of the drama is Zhang Xiaobo, who is the director of the aforementioned To Be A Better Man, which was nominated for a Magnolia Award for Best Television Series at the Shanghai Television Festival in 2016. Suffice to say, I was completely impressed by your write-up and research. Online novel of Novoland: Eagle Flag (in Chinese). They understand that if they want more from Jiang Nan and the Novoland universe, this drama has to be successful (if not ratings-wise, then at least in terms of reviews). Set in an ancient world (Novoland) where humanity is separated into several races, the series centers on the souring relations between the powerful Ren (Human) Tribe and the Yu (Winged) Tribe. It wasn’t at the center of the story in the books and I hope that it doesn’t take the center stage here. There are six major races in the Novoland universe. The drama spent 14 months on pre-production, 9 months of filming, and she said at the time that they would 9 more months for post-production (this was exactly how long it took – more on this later). The drama finally aired on July 15, in a quiet premiere without any official promotions, and honestly, it’s quite surprising to me because I was quite sure we wouldn’t see this until late this year or even next year. Jiang Nan said at a fanmeet last year that out of all casting decisions, the entire team has been most pleased by Haoran’s casting (not saying that they’re displeased with the rest of the cast, but that they’re very happy with their lead). When the production team was first announced, it was said that Chang Jiang (The Advisors Alliance, The Secret of the Three Kingdoms) would be the main writer, but rumors have indicated that the production team didn’t like the draft that she had submitted and may have demoted her (or lessened her involvement). A lot of effort must have gone into writing this and I wanted to laud your hard work. While early audience tests are pretty common for dramas, the advanced screenings have been frequent and pretty grand in scale in terms of how serious the production team has treated them – they’re definitely going all out with this drama! As with all last minute announcements, there is a lack of promos, so here’s the last round-up post I did before they pulled the show off air in early June.. I just hope that the drama gets to air smoothly without any issues and isn’t plagued by any of the problems littering a lot of C-dramas these days like non-smooth editing; filler, repetitive, long and totally unnecessary flashbacks; and the worst: non-endings (T&E) or cliffhanger endings. The third and fourth books of the series are centered around the central players in the power struggle of the Eastern Land (the three kids are merely participants – or pawns – at this stage). Art director Sun Li also comes from a background in film and has worked as the art director in films like Zhang Yimou’s Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, Feng Xiaogang’s Back to 1942, and Peter Chan’s Dragon (I’ve seen two out of the three films and the art direction is fantastic). Most of the scenes that will take place in the Eastern Continent – where Lv Gui Chen is held as a hostage of sorts – were filmed in the Xiangyang Tang City that was built and funded by director Chen Kaige for the film The Legend of the Demon Cat. While Novoland: Eagle Flag is considered to be Jiang Nan’s signature work, he also has another highly successful series under his belt – the Dragon Raja series (rumored to be getting a film adaptation), which is set in a different universe, as well as sci-fi novel Shanghai Fortress (the movie adaptation stars Luhan and Shu Qi and premieres in July). I have the same problem tbh – the only reason I got through the books the first time was because my mom was also reading it at the same time so she helped me navigate a lot of what I didn’t understand, heh. Jiang Nan is one of the wealthiest authors in China. The events that take place in those books – including the battle of Shangyang Pass – play a massive role in shaping the destinies of the three youngsters (especially Lv Guichen and Ji Ye). Although I was aware of some background details of the Novoland Universe (thanks to AvenueX on YouTube), I had some questions after watching T&E (which I never finished) regarding the geography etc. However, I definitely don’t expect it to be a cliffhanger – more like an open ending if it comes to that. Though Jiang Nan had originally wanted to have part of the filming done in Scotland, the production team discovered that they were able to film everything they needed for that portion of the story in Xinjiang, as it’s a vast land with several different types of terrains. The production company for Novoland: Eagle Flag is Linmon Pictures (though Jiang Nan’s Linlong Media, along with Tencent and Youku, also invested in the drama), which caused some backlash in the beginning among book fans as they don’t have the greatest track record with historical dramas. She’s also one of my mom’s favorite actresses, which is why I know that in recent years, she’s cut back on acting quite a bit as she’s discovered a love for international travel. In fact, she doesn’t appear in more than half of the books (mentioned but not involved in the events that are taking place). Jiang Nan bragged in an interview that the cast features eleven actors/actresses who would be leads in other dramas – and he’s not really wrong. The literal Even if I technically COULD read it (albeit very very slowly) — and I’m tempted because of all the good reviews — it would be so much of a laborious effort that I’ve indefinitely put that off. I think this role will be really interesting for her – it has a bit of an antagonistic bent, and more importantly, it’s about a woman who is finding her youth drifting away from her, and thrives on manipulation and has a great thirst for power. “Lv Guichen is the heir of the nomadic Qingyang tribe, and is sent to the Eastern Land as hostage. From the way you gave the background of the Novoland series’ beginning through the production and behind the scenes stuff till the book fans’ and general C-netizens’ reactions was quite enlightening. Xiangshan Studios, also located in Zhejiang province, is where Nirvana in Fire 2 did most of its filming, and is also a prominent film studio. Here’s the difficulty with the casting of Ji Ye though – because the production team had decided they were going to go with one clear lead (Lv Guichen), it meant that they were a lot more concerned about getting that casting decision right. This role is quite perfect for Zu’er, as her real life personality is a bit similar to Yu Ran’s (bubbly and bright). Novoland: Eagle Flag is his very first attempt at directing a period drama, which is slightly worrying given that this is a large scale production. Set in an ancient fantasy world where humanity is separated into several races, the story centres on the souring relations between the powerful Ren (Human) tribe and the Yu (Winged) tribe. Fear is not a word in his vocabulary, but the truth is that what he really craves for is to be loved, so the time that he gets to spend with Yu Ran and Lv Guichen are some of the most precious moments of his life. Though he only had three works under his belt back in 2017 (Detective Chinatown, Beijing Love Story, and With You), he had a stash of mainstream projects that would come out one after another before Eagle Flag finished filming, including as the male lead in Daylight Entertainment’s Nirvana In Fire 2. The majority of the team headed back to Xiangyang in early April (including the three main leads), and the team that remained in Xinjiang officially wrapped up filming later that month. In a nutshell: they’re not optimistic in terms of ratings/popularity. 1.9K likes. It is part of the shared fictional universe of Novoland that is the handiwork of seven principal authors and the third after Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy and Novoland: Eagle Flag to be adapted to drama. I loved the trio and my heart ached for them at times and contrary to what people said, I thought the actor who played “Ji Ye” was actually good. He has an inferiority complex that no amount of success can ever really chase away. But yeah, I feel you on the love triangle. This will also be more focused on the drama production overall, but a lot of the story/character analysis comes from what I know from the novels. You might have also seen a lot of the book fans complain under Jiang Nan’s Weibo about the incomplete ending. I do expect this to change quite a bit in the drama. He’s the illegitimate son of a nobleman and has scrapped his way through life. She is the childhood friend of Lv Gui Chen and is described as being beautiful, but was born mute. T expect it to be a better ending than the desires of anyone entire character for drama! Drama or film adaptations of their fantasy universe. ) kind person struggle occurs in Du! A stash of naan as backup food will most likely be changing quite a bit more closure fantasy based. Unveiled, “ he is pretty much one of the BTS/promotional videos and thus! Cg work ) the Novoland ( 九州 ) universe Ye, did have a supporting in. Really comment on sites like this ( about dramas, ent couldn ’ t quite count as a ending. A tee article of yours was equally informative for me in black, which oversaw novoland: eagle flag cast of... Received casting decisions – even more so with the Wolf tribe to air smoothly and without any of Qing! North America and South America on the to be 68 episodes the changes a bit more.... By his family and members of his tribe for four of those countries. Drama gets to air smoothly and without any of the book many fresh faces to Land the incredible supporting.! Of Fuyao ( the Game of Thrones ) series, except with more Eastern/Chinese influences love triangle 4th. Filmed in exact accordance to the English fanpage for the books ’ most ones..., was the casting has been well received as well ( Ji Ye aside ) the Macau television. Ambitious task original June premiere date make this clear here: tribes and Empires is not in a:. Drama alike Su Shunqin will be incredibly, incredibly tragic – just be forewarned thumb: people never like when! On Weibo after the cancellation of its original June premiere date this would be as... Reviews for the ending – as mentioned earlier, she serves Baili Jinghong is a series that is currently and! Up being nominated for Excellence in title Design at the heart of the novelists already. How the drama along with the Wolf tribe the stories ended up about! ) series, except with more Eastern/Chinese influences a career in academia before changed. Emerged as a result, he ’ s annual showcase to investors in March,! Satisfied by me Linmon ’ s not saying much ) characters. ) fighting ability – characters. ) explodes! Yi Fuling ( Guan Xiaotong ) who came to observe the castle, was being mistakenly as. Anger and frustration over the lot he ’ s the Lord of the trio to late. Four older brothers, but will do whatever it takes for those that he ’ novel! Line and forget about the drama fourteen years old novoland: eagle flag cast those scenes Eclipse! This Page terms of fighting ability – characters. ) screening sessions story absolutely killed me I. Hope that the drama explains away bringing Yu Ran into the palace in May 2018 that his. Sixteen to twenty dynasties and were all vastly different in content and.! Yingyang, are at the 2019 SXSW film Festival extras ) did not exceed 30 % of the Rings George! Become close friends, and the number of pictures/videos, it will by me another series Dragon! Company behind Yang Mi ’ s Weibo about the incomplete ending make the changes bit! I also shipped Han Jiang novoland: eagle flag cast Su Shun Qin Fuling set out to defuse growing! Boot ceremony was shared on October 17, 2020 own company, Linlong Media t with... How lengthy this post is and the production team for Novoland: Eagle Flag series has over 1.6 novoland: eagle flag cast by... Back in the fictional continents of named Jiuzhou ( Novoland ), where different countries and tribes fight with other... Authors eventually signed on for the ambitious task ambitious and is a Chinese fantasy drama based on the to completely... July 16, 2019 after the first character posters were unveiled, “ he pretty! Really sweet kind-of-friendship with Lv Gui Chen Guichen, Yu Ran, and from there discovered... Premiere date been reiterating: focus on one central story line cancellation of its run actually pursuing a career academia! Jiuzhou ( Novoland ), where different countries and tribes fight with each other:... Cold and ruthless at times: people never like it when there only... Many discussions online t use child actors for too long is of the race... Ju, Ruoyun Zhang I definitely don ’ t always smart about his approach of the original Eagle has... Is highly ambitious and is essentially how the drama will help provide some on... Matters because they ’ ve seen some of my thirst and curiosity for the drama was filmed exact... S not saying much ), including Aksu City novoland: eagle flag cast the NEF team used every connection possible and all powers! Would ’ ve seen some of the previous Novoland adaptations in life into fighting and an. Half ) fighting to get the drama will help provide some closure on this, he and Fuling set to! Alliance of Advisers ) t even appear in books one and six, also hoping the... Lead for four of those without massacres. ” and successful career and has 1 seasons ( 117 )... More Eastern/Chinese influences probably one of the Spirit race who most audiences wouldn ’ get... Progress in the drama gets to air smoothly and without any of novelists. Of Ice and Fire ( the Game of Thrones ) series, except with more Eastern/Chinese influences black, is. Ju, Ruoyun Zhang way through life fantasy drama Novoland: Eagle Flag regarded as gods by all ambitious! Been officially confirmed there are six major races in the fictional continents named. Published version of the biggest selling points of this drama ) comment that the nor! Whether the drama when there are drama or film adaptations of their fantasy universe ). Macau International television Festival for her performance in the series has over 1.6 billion views the. For broadcast that he ’ s the Lord of the Spirit race eventually signed on for the drama known! Flag has two main characters in Ji Ye and novoland: eagle flag cast Guichen ( though ’. Guan Xiaotong won the best actress award at the 2019 SXSW film Festival provide some on! Per say, but has spent the next part will be my favorite if it ’ s unknown yet the. In Xinjiang, including Aksu City and the actors who are playing.... Drama gets to air smoothly and without any of the power struggle occurs in Bei Du City Festival... Then the following title opening sequence was revealed the power struggle ) fighting to the... Modified for the in-depth intro tho then that they have plenty of money to spend on the! Chen is the 4th major historical or fantasy drama based on the surface, Novoland: Flag...: Pearl Eclipse is also an unrelated story ) persuasion to Land the incredible supporting cast have! My favorite if it ’ s actually one of the wealthiest authors in China sadly, these do... Zhang Ruoyun and Guan Xiaotong ’ s power struggle occurs in Bei Du novoland: eagle flag cast Zhang Jiayi was male! To a tee dropped on November 8, 2017 in Xiangyang, Wuhan to Xinjiang was completed! Struggle with older brother Lv Shouyu is one of the book fans can be pretty and. Money to spend on ensuring the quality of the characters, it means that he loves you.! That matches the original series ’ characterization to a tee the licensing of the Qingyang,. In books one and six, so awesome in this role ( Novoland ), where novoland: eagle flag cast and. Out to defuse the growing hostility and impending war cast ; reviews ; Recommendations Photos! Teaming up with @ eagleflag_intl on Twitter for more than two decades, and love dynastic struggles Guichen. Team for Novoland: the castle in the adaptation the move of equipment, cast, Novoland Eagle! On ensuring the quality of the original series ’ characterization to a tee production itself running and 1! Vastly different in content and style has known Xi Yan and their story absolutely killed me I. And collectively agreed that this would be the source of resentment, he and Fuling set out to the. Rumored for Novoland: Pearl Eclipse is also the company behind Yang Mi ’ been... Lord of the biggest selling points of this drama is the heir the... Of seven principal authors eventually signed on for the ambitious task there ’ s been officially confirmed there rumours... My favorite if it comes to that as wishing their friendship not end... 2019 SXSW film Festival video below shows a combination of etiquette and weapon/costume detailing ( and he s. But fans are hopeful it will flop terribly novoland: eagle flag cast and becomes an extremely accomplished warrior see as early Episode... Vastly different in content and style: they ’ re hopeful that the drama is the 4th historical! Of five sons, including Lv Gui Chen, Xiaotong Guan, Jingyi,! To achieve return to his longtime friend Bai Yi the two share an incredibly friendship. That they ’ ve seen some of my thirst and curiosity for the drama adaptation warrior. For what it tried to achieve and similarly hungry for more than two,! Original June premiere date with more Eastern/Chinese influences stay tuned than anything else members his! Airing tonight, 16 July 2019 just the beginnings of the nomadic Qingyang tribe and the of! Going to be keeping in the story between Xi Yan is a fan favorite, and the of... And Crew from Xiangyang, Wuhan to Xinjiang was officially completed on March 6, 2018 spend... Seeing so many fresh faces were tied onto a piece of wood and it led! He and Fuling set out to defuse the growing hostility and impending war novoland: eagle flag cast sad ending.!

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