1994 This chart is updated annually to reflect the most current trends. Specific conditions may cause variations within those characteristics. 481 flies out of the ground with excellent plant vigor, great for no-fill environments. Hard Red Winter Wheat These wheat varieties belong to the hard red winter (HRW) wheat class of the botanical group Triticum aestivum , also known as bread or common wheat. Halt (1994) Over the years, CSU wheat variety releases have provided continuous improvements in grain yield and yield stability, disease and insect resistance, and end-use quality. Larry is a hard red winter variety released in the … Our proven, region-specific wheat varieties — like 2019 First Place National Winter Wheat Yield Winner WB4418 — are locally tested to … PlainsGold Hard Red Winter Wheat Kivari AX. POOR PEST AND/OR STRIPE RUST LEAF RUST WHEAT STREAK MOSAIC RATING SCALE FAIR GOOD VERY GOOD EXCELLENT DENALI Denali is a hard red winter wheat variety that has performed well across the High Plains region. OSU Hard Red Winter Wheat Varieties. Duke (1981) 1981, 307 University Ave Tatanka has good winter-hardiness and medium-long coleoptile length. Sunshine (2014) Snowmass 2.0 (2018) Bldg: Plant Sciences C 136 Baca (1973), Hard White Winter Wheat Varieties 1986 In some places (e.g. 2000 LCS Cannon. Spirit Rider. Some of these documents are PlainsGold promotional brochures and others are reprints of the publications in Crop Science or the Journal of Plant Registrations. 2004 These agronomic assessments are made by Syngenta scientists and reflect each variety's relative performance within these characteristics prior to and during the 2020 crop year. AP502 CL (2001) LCS Mint. 1 Data not published due to variability (individual varieties were very inconsistent from one replication to another). Voice: 970-491-6483 To help maximize grain protein, fertility management is recommended. Winter Wheat Arrow Seed has long been a leader in producing and marketing small grains with an emphasis on hard red winter wheat. Since inception of the CSU Wheat Breeding Program in 1963, over 40 improved wheat varieties have been developed and released by our program. 2014 This chart is updated annually to reflect the most current trends. 1998 Wheat scientist Guorong Zhang announced in early June that he is ready to release a hard red winter wheat variety that is suited for the drier, western Kansas climate. Resistance to Wheat Curl Mite This new release variety from Kansas Wheat Alliance is a hard red winter wheat with a pedigree of Byrd and KS05HW121-2. 1993 Vona (1976) Protection (2004) Whistler (2018) Hail (1982) This medium-late maturing variety has very good winter hardiness and good resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus and stripe … Moderately susceptible to Septoria leaf blotch and tan spot. That's why we offer more than access to our exceptional germplasm and breeding innovation. 1996 – in 1997 survey 2016 Cowboy (2011) With our unmatched local service, we’ll help you find the best wheat for your acres. ... One or all of the varieties may be protected under one or more of the following: Plant Variety Protection, United States Plant Patents and/or Utility Patents and may not be propagated or reproduced without authorization. 2019 These relative protection values are based on current pest and disease populations. It has performed well in western Nebraska. So-called "facultative" wheat varieties need shorter periods of vernalization time (15–30 days) and temperatures of 3° to 15 °C (37–59 °F). 1992 2010 2020 Bentley. Hard Red Winter Versatile, with excellent milling and baking characteristics for wheat foods like hearth breads, hard rolls, croissants and flat breads. 2018 9 = Poor      8 = Fair to Poor      7 = Fair      6 = Fair to Good      5 = Good      4 = Very Good to Good      3 = Very Good      2 = Very Good to excellent      1 = Excellent. 2002 Our proven lineup features elite genetics and top performance for soft red winter and soft white winter wheat-growing regions. Antero (2012) Bill Brown (2007) This position of leadership has been earned through extra care and professionalism in conditioning and marketing the latest improved varieties suited to the central plains. Ankor (2002) Hatcher (2004) LCS Jet. Hard Red Winter Wheat; Hard White Winter Wheat; Where to buy. Since inception of the program, over $5 million has been returned to CSU under the CWRF royalty program. Tatanka Wheat Variety. //--> Fort Collins, CO 80523-1170 1999 Click on highlighted links below for current and past Colorado wheat variety surveys. ** Using Certified Seed every crop season provides growers the best opportunity to maximize the yield potential of the variety. 2017 Everest is a popular variety planted in central Kansas, but TAM 114 is a little better suited for the Texas panhandle. Winter wheat usually yields more than spring wheat. [CDATA[// >