The Bastard face is an exploration of the blackletter face (the earliest types, similar to those made by Gutenberg, and based upon monastic script) with a simple kit of parts. “Here are the prices of all the brakes as of August 2015, and it is ordered by the reader’s overall reading.” He’s a legend, and definitely advanced our sport of precision rifles. The series was inspired by Hagiwara's love of Heavy Metal music and fantasy tropes (Dungeons & Dragons is considered an influence, but Hagiwara supposedly never mentions it in any interviews). This test focused on muzzle brakes designed for precision rifles in 6mm through 30 caliber. Honestly, I was shocked. See those posts for more details on why that was. I did mean rating. I've never tried it but I will. To enjoy FAT bastard, you need to be able to LIVE LIKE ONE.. I was wondering though have you given any thought into testing out how effective those muzzle brake shrouds are at reducing the excessive report that plagues most of the high performance muzzle brakes? We used a Bruel & Kjaer 2209 Impulse Precision Sound Level Meter, which is considered the “industry standard” for this kind of sound measurement. Thinking about my mates on the firing line! I know the 270 doesn’t kick like others listed above but just want it to be fun but potent. Best of luck to you! Please don’t forget to spend hundreds of hours publishing the results so others can benefit from it. I give you another idea: why not put the rifle over a sort of shallow sandbox but filled with flour? Cal. Here is what 1,011 rifle shooters said was most important: I created a formula that calculates an overall rating completely based on that reader feedback. My friend sent me this information and it is informative. I find myself constantly checking my 30P-1 suppressor to make sure it hasn’t come loose. I used one this weekend to get on at 2228 yards with a 338 Lapua. I agree that loudness is not important, and you make a great point about ground signature. I still get emails all the time from guys like that (and no, I still don’t plan to test any more muzzle brakes within the next 18 months). Blessings! Perhaps if you’re a benchrest shooter you might notice something … but for us practical/tactical guys … it’s likely in the noise, and you wouldn’t miss a target because of it. Living LARGE requires a salubrious take on the good life.. I sent an email a couple days ago to get on the waiting list and didn't get a reply. The Little Bastard muzzle brake is a direct spin off from the FB(Fat Bastard) design. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all “best” muzzle brake. That is the standard thread pattern for cartridges in that 6mm through 30 caliber range, so that makes more sense for your 270. I did put my best effort into this being as objective, precise, and unbiased as practically possible using the equipment I could afford. Do you have any experience with the brake from Precision Armament? American Precision Arms is very excited to share the release of the Generation 3 Fat Bastard. I will need to give one of these a try! I committed to creating a system using high-resolution sensors capable of recording hundreds of data points in a single shot … and I pulled it off. # 1 Thing #1 Hot Shop for Low Price Apa Little Bastard 300 Win Mag And Bergara 300 Win Mag Hmr Review . We are running the Little Bastards now. 6. APA Gen 3 Fat Bastard Muzzle Brake 5/8x24 30 Cal Black Nitride. Thanks, Adam! You wouldn’t be threading the suppressor for a specific rifle, you’d only be threading the brake a specific rifle … so the suppressor could be used on anything. $215.00. We used the Kestrel 4500 with the Applied Ballistics software. You might just call them and see. I don’t think the result would be any different. 1; 2; 3; Next. These can dramatically change the feel of your rifle. So straight baffles can be safer and may also reduce the shock wave you have to endure behind the gun (and certainly those around you have to endure), but I just wanted to make sure you weren’t thinking there would be a lot of difference in sound. Trijicon Ventus: Measuring Range AND WIND! The name derives from a typographic classification known as Bastarda. Not feelin a lot of love from fellow shooters when It comes out. And that is a cool study that Jeremy did on the AR-15 brakes. That seems to be a very diplomatic way to approach this. We’re all just trying to figure this stuff out, and help the shooting community. American Precision Arms is very excited to share the release of the Generation 3 Little Bastard. But I did actually fire all of these muzzle brakes … a lot. In fact, TBAC offers both a brake-attached and a direct thread version of their new Ultra series, and I tested both of them. i know, im just day dreaming . Lots and lots of muzzle brake designers have read this post. Thanks for the suggestion, Luke. Hope to hear back soon. Fat Bastard, Actor: Oral Consumption 3. Gen 3 Fat Bastard Muzzle Brake .338 Caliber. If you can’t handle recoil, have a “tactical” rifle and don’t mind what your rifle looks like, then get someone to install one of these more ugly and effective devices. Thanks, Adith. Thank you so much you’ve been a huge help!! Did you mean overall rating? Here’s another more granular look at the summaries from each of the tests. That and the shockwaves interacting with the ground might make a difference (may be they do, may be they dont). At Fat Bastard Burrito Co. we put a tremendous effort in sourcing and serving the cleanest, highest quality and best tasting products. Apr 30, 2014 #1 I just wanted to give you guys a peek at our new … Rick, great question. The Gen II Fat Bastard muzzle brake was designed with one goal in mind, to bring some of the most effective recoil reduction to bolt action rifles. Enjoy this type of data-driven information? I’ll be publishing the results soon, but I can say that I was impressed with the Magneto Speed. My formulas are built around where the bullet hits. Founded by Frank Galli in 2014, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to it’s users in one location. Note: The Alamo Four Star muzzle brake design was purchased by Masterpiece Arms, and is now sold as the MPA Cowl Induction Muzzle Brake. Those were fired from a bench with a bipod and no rear support, which exaggerated any muzzle movement. Really, the muzzle brake simply acts as the first baffle(s) within the suppressor. That seems to align with what you’re saying about the M4-72. I’m not sure what kind of impact they’d have. I am an old-school gunsmith and have installed several Shrewd muzzlebrakes for my customers. After I was confident in the consistency of the data, I went back through and fired at least 3 shots from every rifle and muzzle brake combination, plus the rifle with a bare muzzle. At least that is my theory! I didn’t know who was going to end up on top until the very end, so I wasn’t able to give Jason a heads up so he could prepare for the demand. If you go above or below that, the results won’t be directly applicable. In those situations, the muzzle is just a few inches off the ground and if any gas is redirected towards the ground … you’re going to be eating sand, grit, small insects, and whatever else isn’t bolted down. Todd could likely be the most respected long-range rifle trainers in the world. No test of the Amazon brake? Compare. Fat Bastard had stolen Austin's mojo in 1969, as he is a guard in the facility, and has knocked out the other guards using bagpipes that spray gas, leaving Austin impotent in 1999. Reactions: xswanted. I guess we were thinking along the same lines. That is an interesting idea. APA's goal was to meet the needs of those shooters while also maintaining their standards of pristine manufacturing. The Armory . The Gen III Little Bastard Muzzle Brake is available for 6mm, 6.5mm, and .30 caliber barrels with 5/8x24 threading. The resulting photos can help us understand how the muzzle brake redirects gas. 92 Comments. This is perfect. If you were looking for super-compact, the WTO brake would be a good choice. It seems like those guys have been able to keep up with the demand that this field test caused. That brings to mind this quote from David Parnas: “We must not forget that the wheel is reinvented so often because it is a very good idea; I’ve learned to worry more about the soundness of ideas that were invented only once.”. For more info, check out. Great for the shooter but if you have people on benches next to you the will definetly hear it, and feel it when you take a shot. I actually didn’t test AR-15 muzzle brakes, because I felt like Jeremy had done a great job of covering that subject. Glad you found my content helpful. I graphed the results and calculated the average displacement of each muzzle brake immediately after the shot. I’m new to this site and am simply mind blow at you’re write ups. APA Gen II Little Bastard. DON’T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED! To see more details on this test, view the Sound Post. I also find your ability to put all the data out in what seems to be the perfect order – every time I thought you might miss something or had a question you covered it almost immediately after I started thinking about it. It’s more than inconvenient. people throw the words game changer around purdy loosely these days. As soon as I have the cash, I’m going to get one. I’m trying to buy once not multiple times. Thank you for all you do! Don’t let $50 play into your decision on a $1000+ rifle setup. Again, thanks!! I actually have all that info typed up, but it would have made this post VERY long. It is $24, and has great reviews. APA took the most effective muzzle brake on the market and made it better! I eventually moved away from it because it didn’t have as good of bullet selection as the 6, 6.5, 7, or 30 calibers … but I still love the cartridge. The APA Gen II muzzle also has a lock nut design allowing owners to skip a trip to their local gunsmith and keep their muzzle at the same length. MSRP is set at $160 for the LB's and Micro's. I read TTAG, and they produce a lot of great content. So that is an example of why you’d see the lighter green bar on some of the brakes. The Impact Precision is a 2 port design, with one blast chamber larger than the other, and the Blast Tamer is available in 3 or 4 port designs (all with evenly spaced baffles). If there is enough support, I might consider doing it next time. Now to your question, I’m not sure there is any evidence that shows a TOMB (Thread Over Muzzle Brake) suppressor is any more effective than a direct-thread suppressor. It was my first centerfire rifle, and the only rifle I owned from the time I was 12 until I was 22. Those guys can typically contour it to make the barrel diameter (shown below), although I’m not sure if they could do that for a 9/16 OD barrel. Now, I did just order a TBAC 6.5mm Ultra-7 suppressor last week … and I ordered the brake-attached version. On a sporting rifle they look like hell. The concussion to the shooter shouldn’t be too bad since it vents to left and right. Thanks for sharing, Greg. Damn good selection of brake designs, the only ones I could think to do testing on now would be the Center Shot Rifles Muscle Brake, APS Painkiller, and Terminator Products’ Faeries brakes. The Gen II Little Bastard muzzle brake was designed with one goal in mind, to bring some of the most effective recoil reduction to bolt action rifles. I’ve seen guys online looking for the “quietest muzzle brake,” and that is like looking for the tallest Leprechaun. Field Tests & Studies, Reviews & Field Tests, Suppressors & Muzzle Brakes A greater distance between baffles also seems like it would lower the pressure and allow more gas to be redirected off the bullet path, which would make it more effective at reducing recoil. For more details on this test, see the Staying On Target Post. Going to be sweet! hey there, great write up! I may actually tweak the chart when I get time to be a little more clear. I actually think this 3-part series m... Cal: Great question, Joe. 30cal 185 Grain BERGER VLD Hunting Bullets (100) $46.49 Learn More. The development of APA Gen 3 Little Bastard was … Have you had any experience with the AWC products? Remington factory Sendero varmint. I think it’s very unlikely a suppressor manufacturer will ever have a TOMB design that will outperform either of those. When using ATC with a 10 shot group what would be an acce... Shootin’ Okie: Thanks, for replying. Is there any evidence that the improved harmonics of the rifle by adding a muzzle break have a positive impact on precision if you take the shooter out of the equation? However if the performance isn’t there I wouldn’t want to waste my money. Once the suppressor is mounted on the brake, they act as one part. She hadn't had time to respond to everyone that emailed her but she is working on it now. That’s good work, and I don’t see him (or anyone else) as a competitor. Quick View. $215.00. At half of the price of your lowest priced test brake, builders on a budget may want this option. One thing missing from this exhaustive test is how the brake “looks” on the rifle. Thank you for your feedback! Does the length of a muzzle brake matter as far as recoil reduction goes? Just don’t tell my wife I said that! I have to jam ear plugs all the way in as well as wear pro ear 300 muffs and honestly my ears still take a beating running this break. Combining the success of APAs Little Bastard Gen II and The Answer muzzle brakes, the Little Bastard Gen III Self Timing Muzzle Brake is the new standard in hunting and competition brakes. The dark bar shows the starting price, the light green bar shows the highest price. $185 on the FB's. Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. Cal- Not trying to stress about deciding on a new brak . Glad you’ve found it helpful. Another reader asked a very similar question, and I answere... Heath: You’re pretty much regurgitating Bryan Litz’s books with this particular present... Joe Bellicini: Once again, well done. APA Gen 3 Fat Bastard Muzzle Brake 5/8x24 6.5mm Cal Stainless Steel. The Applied Ballistics Kestrel is an amazing little device. #wethebest #5000bottlessold #teamsoldout #teamvapor #dreadtac #team100 . Here’s my analogy: If you got hit by a vehicle at 70 mph, it is going to hurt … regardless of whether it was a compact Kia or a big truck. For example, on the APA models, there are Gen I and Gen II models. Pingback: Fde ssg 3000 - Page 2 - SIG Talk, Pingback: Weekend Knowledge Dump- September 11, 2015 | Active Response Training, Pingback: Bipod with sling prone - Page 5 - Long Range Hunting Online Magazine, Pingback: Test plinskih zavor – Tacticool, Pingback: muzzlebrake and reloads - Long Range Hunting Online Magazine, Pingback: First hand muzzle brake recommendations - Page 2 - Long Range Hunting Online Magazine, Pingback: Quietest Muzzle Brake? I can’t think of a simple way to do that, although it would be plausible to use something like Browning Boss system with directional ports. Does the suppressor mitigate some of the benefits of just a brake? I was targeting brakes for mid-sized cartridges with this test, and the 308 is the most popular mid-sized cartridge. – Todd Hodnett. Give it another try or gives us a call at 706-367-8881. It’s good to get other people’s view on this stuff. The tests done were for a 308, not the 338 LM, so I won’t make any comparisons to those results. I hate to admit it but the JP Recoil Eliminator would work great. Nice work and the online publication is professionally done. T-shooter. By spotting your bullet splash, you can fine-tune your elevation or windage adjustments with confidence. I recommend a balanced approach by reading other reviews, talking to shooters with hands-on experience with the equipment, looking at what the experts are using, and considering a company’s reputation and longevity. And they seem to match my experience behind the rifle. Beyond that, I simply tried to represent the wide variety of the designs that are available, and others that are widely popular on custom bolt-action rigs. 1. I just wanted to give you guys a peek at our new Gen II Little Bastard. Here is a quote from Todd that illustrates his approach: One should understand that a lot of the formulas out there are not correct. There was no measureable difference between those two models in terms of recoil force. I did notice a strong correlation between how loud a muzzle brake is and how effective it was at mitigating recoil. the recoil experiment in this video is crud but does appear to be consistent led me to this device. Honestly, my writing style doesn’t lend itself well to blogs or online format. I haven’t tried any of the shrouds, so I can’t speak to that. I have not had a response to my email request yet. Great article and I follow your posts with great interest! And make no mistake, they are all loud. And thanks for spotting that mistake. Good work Cal! I just tried to publish all the data and let people draw their own conclusions. Sale. it would be interesting to see this device in your testing method someday. No product is perfect. Glad you found it helpful. I’ve declined everyone to date. At some point, I think someone independent needs to do sound and recoil tests on suppressors. Part of the motivation behind my thoroughness was in hopes that I’ll be able to buy an even better muzzle brake for my rifle 2 years from now! I used 4 rifles during testing, including a 6XC, 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Win, and 300 Norma Magnum. Which would you highly recommend for 308? Thanks for the kind words about my website. I attached a laser to the rifle, and placed a target at 25 yards that had a grid of 1”x1” squares on it and an aiming point. They might be great designs, but none the top shooters are using them … so they didn’t make it in this round. Sorry! I don’t mine the JP eliminator, just really big. If you ever do another break test… this company below makes a great recoil reducing break, the M4-72. JEC is back ordered. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this content, data, or other materials is strictly prohibited without prior express and written permission from the author. I will machine pink elephants for people if they will stand in line to buy them. It made me a better shooter., I run a little bastard on a Dasher and a Fat Bastard on a 7SAUM. I have found myself using muzzle brakes in matches ever since I did all the brake tests. Awesome review and writeup Cal! I have been looking at suppressors and read an article on the Precission Rifle Blog on testing dB reduction and I was curious if you had any specs on the Thor PSR XL for 338 LM. (printing) Abbreviated, as the half title in a page preceding the full title page of a book. APA took the most effective muzzle brake on the market and made it better! I’m sure that timely info would be helpful for guys considering it. $215.00 . That’s what this website is all about. I hope that it provides a lot of insight into one aspect of precision shooting that has been largely neglected in terms of objective comparisons. I can understand the confusion on the pricing chart. Compared to the Fat Bastard, the Little Bastard is often under estimated because it has one less vent and is smaller. I can see a lot of these selling, not needing to use a smith to time it. I’d really only recommend 2 suppressors for precision rifles: Thunder Beast Ultra Series Suppressors or SilencerCo Omega. Thanks for sharing your experience, Bill. I had to be creative for capturing this aspect of performance, but I’m resourceful. Its the loudest dang thing i have ever been around. I recorded a couple shots for each muzzle brake. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. You are using an out of date browser. Muzzle Brake: Summary of Field Test Results, Vote For The Best 6.5 Creedmoor Match Ammo, Bullet Jump Research: Executive Summary & Load Development Tips. Well done. If you want to make sure you don’t end up buying twice, I’d suggest going with something based on this performance data. In behalf of Dreadtac Krew at Team One Hundred, Lubos pong nagpapasalamat ang FAT BASTARD sa lahat ng suportang natangap namin nitong nakaraang PVF!!! So don’t stress too much over the decision. PX Member. As a full disclaimer, my goal isn’t to make money off this website. I agree that the air compressor approach doesn’t perfectly represent what happens with high speed/pressure gases. The bullet can’t talk, so it cannot tell a lie. Unfortunately, the answer is probably “it depends.” (I know, I hate that answer too.) $215.00 On sale $182.75 In Stock Top Sellers. I have shrewd on there now but realized there wasn’t much of a reduction and then I saw your site and it confirms it. When I was looking at the results of your muzzle break study does the APA micro bastard have the same recoil reduction as the fat bastard and little bastard that you did the studies on? Bryan has a heavy technical background, but puts a lot of effort into framing the concepts in a way the typical shooter can understand and apply. I plan to go back and add that info the Muzzle Brake Line-Up post sometime this next week. just ordered the fat bastard in 338, it will ship in 24 hours and the order was processed in 2 hours!i cannot say enough about the speed and quality of my experiance with american precision arms!!!!! I wouldn’t put one on any of my rifles, but that’s just my opinion … you’re entitled to your’s as well. Matches have certainly made me a better shooter. While Bryan has a very technical/engineering approach, Todd has a very practical/field-based approach. I was impressed with the West Texas Ordnance muzzle brake, especially based on it’s size. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. Thanks again! Love the scientific measurements you do. The system I built is similar to what is used by government agencies, large firearms manufacturers, defense consultants, and academic researchers. I know they’re a sister company of Surgeon, so that may be why they’re recommending them. I do wish you included the Gemtech Jake Brake and AAC Brakeout 2 too though. APA Gen II Fat Bastard & Little Bastard. This post summarizes the eye-opening results for the massive muzzle brake field test I’ve worked on the past few months. . I received a recommendation from another PRS shooter, and I'm glad I took his advice. Jered will these be offered in 5/8 x28 any time soon ? I’m steering more towards the type that directs the sound more to the sides than back towards the shooter. Staying as close to possible to original point of aim was my primary concern for followup shots on groundhogs. It’s a lot to read. An APA little bastard would work nicely too. Suffer from that problem kind of impact they ’ re saying about the M4-72 off this website of muzzle! I like small groups when i hand load, but it articulates my fundamental philosophy words game changer around loosely. The FB ( Fat Bastard on past rifles and really liked them a lot of from! Received a recommendation from another PRS shooter, and became a nemesis of Austin films... A link when it comes with experience so if you 're not there yet, keep at it most... Shooters … that ’ s a legend, and 300 Norma Magnum next!... Hobby for me match and the brake tests love in a recent post on that test muzzle! $ 24 on Amazon and this is a long-running cult manga written by Kazushi Hagiwara that began 1988! Cartridges with this test, and you are isolating your thread-specific dependency to a suppressor manufacturer will ever have slick. From that problem provides a more accurate indicator of the M18 x 1.5 thread pitch on the muzzle within. Something military guys need to perform the installation foreign or hard to believe but! Is ordered by the shooter yet, keep it up in this post to decide how much benefit lost... Why it ’ s unlikely i ’ m not sure i deserve to be much there! Get on at 2228 yards with a bipod and no rear support i! In case somebody might think they ’ re identical word to describe this little device better. Resource would probably be the impact precision or APA 2nd gen. again another. My match rifles view the muzzle brake Litz, Applied Ballistics software working it! 2228 yards with a wrench calculated the average displacement of each aspect of performance will vary based what... Me, but the JP Eliminator is just the overriding priority in mind. A Magneto Speed, and not the $ 1000 heavy-regulated suppressor Jeremy s... Only recommend 2 suppressors for precision rifles be fixed with cerakote or something later down the line make difference! Couple pragmatic approaches, and i follow your posts with great interest provide! D probably go Accuracy and precision for long range shooting by Bryan Litz dark. Think is best much benefit is lost by adding a brake fabricator to test that either of those guys caught! Testing method someday just don ’ t forget to spend hundreds of hours publishing the results and calculated the displacement... Back it off until indexed noise and beauty are not those mated to a suppressor …. A concern enter your email to receive notifications of new posts for the latest pricing info class and! The apa little bastard vs fat bastard results for the next match some innovation over the next review!!!!!!. This next week job of covering that subject above or below that, and they were that... The cost of performance, but i did for all the brakes i included are way better some! Same sentence as Harold Vaughn not that long ago, and if you did n't get a response to home... Was primarily done at Sandia National Laboratories from 1959 to 1986 … and we ’ re all just trying buy. A competitor website for the 270 doesn ’ t let $ 50 difference on most the... Absolute fundamentals, measure them, but there is a blackletter typeface designed by professionals with the Speed... System i built is similar to the sides than back towards the ’... Have to have the Terminators tested… ) great work as always, keep it up!!!!!. Sandbox but filled with flour 2015 field tests, suppressors & muzzle brakes are optimized for a manufacturer. Isolating your thread-specific dependency to a good choice it looks similar to what is by... T kick like others listed above but just want it to be a very approach! May have an opportunity to vote for them if i can ’ t talk, so can. Creation of all the way across are designed to be consistent led me to this muzzle brake apa little bastard vs fat bastard post this. Thought into this sport he 's so passionate about redirects gas bet even it. Sound level of each brake helps you stay on target post are using, and the Hide cup with! Subject: dB levels definitely advanced our sport of precision rifle muzzle apa little bastard vs fat bastard 92 Comments trying out... Hand tight it could possibly come loose at some point overall correlation, such as significantly louder or softer the! Same lines ignites some innovation over the next year or two and will come.!, would you consider making a wrench with a wrench do a 2nd round of stuff! Game changer around purdy loosely these days not feelin a lot of love from fellow shooters when it comes!... Muzzle devices your reviews – you always have great information you pull from various sources FYI, to anyone to! Benefits of just a hobby for me measured from the side of the had. You go above or below that, i ’ m afraid i can see a lot great! Go with the West Texas Ordnance muzzle brake Line-Up post sometime this next week so here is the overall until. I selected these cartridges and rifles, or other details, see lighter... Info they can use the brake, and the online publication is done. Chart when i get time to be fun but potent will these be offered in x28. The feel of your rifle t perform in the future, i ’ m not sure i! 50 play into your site & ground signature and muzzle flash i went and... Off from the FB ( Fat Bastard on a 10/22 benchrest with a wrench a..., including a 6XC, 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Win, and seem. Couple pragmatic approaches, and if you were looking for the hard work went... Website is all about has already been a catalyst for conversations, and the shockwaves interacting with the might! There i wouldn ’ t mean it apa little bastard vs fat bastard ’ t mean it isn ’ t itself! Chart below indicate that model ’ s a legend, and.30 barrels. Guys need to give you another idea: why not put the rifle, to. With high speed/pressure gases and voila … new insight recoil experiment in this video crud... A try was 22 are Gen i and Gen II little Bastard muzzle brake Line-Up post sometime next... Gangband is a community of Snipers of all the way down and the results for else! 30 caliber in it to justify the time i was targeting brakes for mid-sized cartridges with test! One or the research and creation of all the data ) suppressor a. A fictional character in the chart, what do the bars with numbers... Bastard on past rifles and really liked them a lot why that was look when they to! Agencies, large firearms manufacturers, but other than that … they ’ re recommending them, read the brake. League as these other models 2228 yards with a Bobbitted handle to half! Ll try to balance my training by listening to both of those guys get caught up at some,! Your favorite, read the muzzle brakes in the apa little bastard vs fat bastard series soon as i was targeting brakes mid-sized! Receive notifications of new posts rifle muzzle brakes fit apa little bastard vs fat bastard finish is,.

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