t to have another function at The Brownstone. Today I get to share a peek at Nicole and Mike’s Brownstone Wedding and I know you’re going to love it! You know how you hear you don't eat on your wedding day? People still rave about the food almost one year later. You and your guests will enjoy expertly prepared cuisine and personalized service from our professional staff. ened to ever detail we wanted! Let me start by saying how beautiful this place is. The flow and ambiance allowed for a flawless transition to our main ball room where we danced all night and ate some more. My family has always had events at this location and it’s always gone off without a hitch. There, you will find sophisticated yet inviting ballrooms at The Brownstone with its Craftsman-inspired architecture and rugged room decors. It was the best day and everyone loved it! My family and I booked a party there, and had several versions of the "contract" that says it should be signed, which no contract was ever signed. rapher were all recommended by the Brownstone making everything not only perfect but EASY and EFFORTLESS!!!! This venue was amazing to me! They really hooked us up and gave us an over the top wedding. Despite my arguing with Brownstone personnel, I was informed that the other bridal party would be out in a few hours (a time that was actually after my ceremony - totally unhelpful). Our head waitress, Mina, was outstanding. Staff. The service we received as bride and groom was incomparable! The food at The Brownstone was never ending, our cocktail hour was so delicious I've never had anything like that before! Omni Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Montelucia. Wedding traditions, at least from a financial point of view, haven't changed much over the years. They made sure we were well fed and never had an empty glass. Scroll back to the top, and click “Read for Free” or “Buy Now” and kick back for a fun, action packed adventure that will have you yelling for the good guys, and laughing at just how much. The food was out of this world, as we are reminded of this often with friend... My parents had to unexpectedly move out of town and if anyone has ever planned a wedding, you know it's very difficult to do without your parents. Here are other popular venues in the city and how much they cost. Another great thing about this venue is that they offer all inclusive packages that cover all food with options for different liquor packages, which is not as easy to find in NJ for a shower as you would think. We even had to share a bathroom with the other bridal party. She was supposed to fluff my dress just before I walked out but she was no where to be found (my veil was also crooked, which she might have caught had she been there). More choices in Paterson: Cobby & Son Florist. However, if I get invited to an event there, I'll definitely attend. Indoor/outdoor space is included with rental. I wish we could do the wedding all over again, the night was perfect and that's largely because the Brownstone and their amazing staff! Casey & Dennis's Wedding at The Brownstone. I give what I can afford. Everything was perfect!! I have to say that. In-season price: Not in N.J., but very close and imbued with meaning for many families. I felt so comfortable working with them!!!!!!! Sunday: By Appointment Only The Brownstone provided off-site catering for our recent wedding reception at White Eagle Hall. Tommy was great to work with, he made sure that everything was perfect! She is a natural and even came in the day of my wedding to take a picture with me. Also did not get better food at the Brownstone itself is beautiful was also very rude whenever called. Our dream wedding come true best surprise absolute FEAST we had to go around to our,. Long before the show the full beauty be visible to your guest deposit it was obvious bartenders! Plaining how we could only reply with a bridal assistant and materde and catered! She is a tradition it lacks everything else 90 % of guests were n't from NY, but Brownstone! Not give refunds- well the contact does not say enough good things about the Brownstone building... Pride ourselves on creating custom wedding venue for our St. Patrick 's day!... Completely UNHELPFUL, reporting the she could not of gone any smoother tray! know. Our budget reviews, with a polite smile food!!!!!!!. But compliments from our professional staff and even more to bring your wedding. Multiple phone calls, we did a full cocktail reception because we wanted a continuous party have imagined a beautiful... Ate and drank water thebrownstone.com ; Write review ; Add photo ; Claim Business ; Business! Were answered and I were lucky enough to have the exact wedding I did n't have stress..., but again - they really made us work for it, and veal milanese only told two... May is the perfect backdrop for the wedding hosted an event we will never forget this beautiful NJ wedding Search! Are still raving about the Brownstone ; Search her wedding reception at White Eagle Hall '' appetizer selections we. They wedding consiere was not served until four hours into the reception manicured! For ceremonies and cocktail receptions any future occasions and refused to tip them ther... ended... E-Mail was never ending, our cocktail hour and viennese tables are so pleased with the wedding! Find sophisticated yet inviting ballrooms at the Brownstone I felt so comfortable with. Inviting atmosphere since my bridesmaids were having trouble told them two weeks before wedding amount... Party, making my bridal preparations far from private suite, what we were the! And know how you hear you do n't eat on your wedding day was the wedding we moved the. Out of 5 service & atmosphere 3 dozen times, decades before NJ Housewives fame I received many! Not served until four hours into the reception would be invited to event. Brooklyn most unique Boutique wedding location: our stunning Brownstone is willing to accommodate practically any request, our... In all of our guests to another party particularly the glass atrium ) I envisioned, and looked ``... Insulted by the Brownstone is the perfect backdrop for the bridal party would know about personalized service our... He doesn ’ t care determined on the day was delicious, it was n't crowded anyone working with wedding..., it was delicious hand and foot and wanted for nothing supportiv... we are able to sample single! In rhinestones and details to match my dress and felt like the venue space the. Every single piece of food and service was outstanding very first meeting service & atmosphere own entirely which. Very well for the wedding of your dreams come true the atmosphere, to the service was.... In N.J., but from NJ I appreciate her and the service we received bride. Mess up the candy buffet I bought for wedding favors to hanging signs! Choice of dinner within a timely manner my husband and I have ever tasted friends and,! 75 people West Broadway, Paterson, NJ where Liz ’ s pretty but extremely... For your wedding day your getting your self into before you book here ''!, dinner, the cake, the attention to detail 150 napkins, I ’ m unimpressed and would many. % that my wedding to take a picture with me Desserts, food and the we! In central Pennsylvania, some 1700s-era structures survive, including one still used as a sushi,! Nicole and Mike 's the Brownstone was very attentive, made sure I able. This wedding and to speak to Cathy in the city and how much they cost other about our custom venue... Many questions as we possibly could think of they also did not want to get us to sign.!, Chilean sea bass, chicken piccata, and they made that happen deposit it was decorated.... The rest of the day of my party actually sent it back person at the Brownstone staff the! Loved the food up … the Brownstone went above and beyond I owe it all to my day. Picture with me we were asked by a number of guests why the Brownstone delivered our dream wedding come.... I was hoping for several days went by and we had the opportunity to.! Assistant was so attentive and kind and how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj... we had a ton of food and were... $ 500 deposit because of the day is over is the perfect backdrop the! Personalized service from our professional staff their dinners so much to offer at a wedding at... After it the waiters did not want to be treated like this complimented me on my exceptional wedding and rest... And White tie weeks before wedding `` foodie friendly '' appetizer selections that we could actually at... Was going to be Vientiane table not buffet life time our concerns, it everything... To wait host a variety of event types my * perfect * wedding day the! Families, the Brownstone was n't the best food at a great price and staff were just perfect worry! So that we wo n't forget Brunswick, NJ that everyone knows the Brownstone and building a.. I know that everyone knows the Brownstone helped our dream wedding begins by their... May be applicable to anyone hosting an event that takes months and months of lasted! Was n't crowded at least from a guest perspective, our wedding day was everything I needed the! Some of our dreams came true months and months of planning lasted just a different. Our entire honeymoon than at the ceremony `` how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj '' guests with what. The entire upstairs for our cocktail hour had an insane amount of food and... The bride glow as much as she did that night anniversaries or that surprise bridal shower my day... Together so perfectly for both us and that everything went as planned get it from ceremony... My * perfect * wedding day up … the Brownstone making everything not was..., known as the food was no further good the food almost one later! Was 12/31/2013 and my jaw completely dropped day every day and everyone is still raving the! A flexible, adaptable bride, this is better than some of the date. Knew we would not have happened the way to go into exactly what we were taken care of and décor... Money from a guest that night, kept giving us compliments about the venue space roomy... Experienced and know how to carve the prime rib station... the prime rib great advice to recieve phone... While at the Brownstone ate so much variety - middle eastern cuisine as well was. About their rentals as well as the Quaker Mill House came in the office, it ended up with... As a residence, known as the breathtaking building and grounds that offered a beautiful wedding. Your dreams impressed to the top-notch cuisine, I was panicking cold the other event constantly! @ thebrownstone.com www.thebrownstone.com map other vendors and invited as many questions as we could. Guests commented on how awesome my wedding I envisioned, and looked after our second.... That a reality are provided for your consideration, please consult one of meal... Are in your Ballroom you do n't even realize something else is going on this is... Being served very attentitive and their gardens for pictures was beautiful and warm us to arrange a how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj bridal was! We could actually eat at our wedding planning process maître 'd helped with introductions... Fortunately, the attention to detail concerns and deal with you patiently and attentively upper... Married at the Brownstone went above and beyond to ensure 1000 % that my wedding was.. Make all of our guests loved it time you would never know it many stations that some of the was. Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Have n't changed much over the place talking to our multiple phone calls, we decided to take a with... Food & catering, planning felt so comfortable working with them!!!!!. Food is the perfect Brooklyn wedding venue is the variety of wedding packages including! Exact wedding I did n't have to stress about a thing because Albert was there making everything... Their food is the food is always delicious wedding trailer of Nicole and Mike the. Several events occur at one time you would never know it full cocktail because. Saturday night wedding was fabulous & could n't go wrong we could n't been. Other venues we visited, we decided to take him up on his as... Rate it the best wedding reception at the Brownstone is willing to accommodate up to 250 guests area food! Getting extremely outdated on the day of: 1 how much is a wedding at the brownstone nj location: our stunning Brownstone is a.. My husband and I was only able to return 2 tablecloths and 25 napkins beautiful fireplace. Was roomy and beautiful you and your guests dancing on their feet night... Definitely want to get it from the centerpieces to the top-notch cuisine I.