Death House initially seems to be an entertaining spin on a tired-out concept. Now, railroading isn’t a bad thing, especially for a newer group. The Lighthouse Ending Explained: Lovecraft, That Mysterious Light and More Spoilers for the Robert Pattinson film's ending, its strange symbolism and more. Once they come back to life next session maybe they won't remember in character what happened but will have terrible flashbacks for having experienced death. I didn’t want to force my players to spend too much time rolling Investigate checks on every corner, so I dropped them a hint in the nursemaid’s suite. Basically, Strahd offers to bring them back if, in the future, they will pay Strahd back with a favor. I recently began running Curse of Strahd for some friends over Roll20, and /u/paintraina's "What I have learned" series for the module has been incredibly helpful in my preparations. You bring up some great points on how to make the Death House more fun, and more memorable. I had the most around the house invade areas to push the game along. The season finale of The Haunting of Hill House sees the Crain family reuniting in the haunted house—along with all of the ghosts that have haunted them. Here are some examples of how the 8th house in a certain zodiac sign or planetary position, can reveal information on death, per astrology. Pages in category "Monsters in Death House" The following 16 pages are in this category, out of 16 total. Moreover, there are a lot of things that the party can miss (e.g., the secret door in the library), so I’ve tossed in some ways to drop hints to the party. But what would the curse be? Once this is noted, or the ghosts are interacted with, all of the dancers stop and stare at the PCs before vanishing. Related: Netflix’s Eli Ending Explained Throughout It Comes At Night, Travis is plagued by nightmares about the virus and his grandfather’s death that blur the line between reality and hallucination.One night, Travis finds young Andrew sleeping in his grandfather’s old room and discovers their missing dog Stanley gravely wounded and infected at the cabin’s supposedly secured front door. This instantly made them think: “Stop the altar -> get rid of the fog,” and got them to climb to the top. EDIT: So I've done a side-discussion with the player in question. Spoilers for Gretel & Hansel below. Was there anything in particular that was particularly deadly? Ran Death House with these notes as additional help, and it went off amazingly! I moved her from her bedroom to the nursery, and removed the possibility of an encounter in the storage room altogether. Many delightful weapons await: flame throwers, bombs, guns, electric eels, spiders and more! Experiment with puppet destruction. I added a scrawny mutt hiding under a chair in the conservatory; when approached, the party could hear its whimpering. I've ran this for three groups and didn't allow any of them to rest. Thanks for reading and responding! When asked, Rose reported smugly that she’d stopped him from scaring Thorn ever again. I’m a sucker for giving parties cute animals to play off of, and in a bleak and empty setting like Death House, that can only be a bonus. To make the connection clear, I told the PCs that a blanket of mist was rolling off the top of the dais, and that it very much resembled the fog that they had seen blocking their way outside. They loved the backstory of the house. To make her feel more real, I had her only attack those that approached the crib or threatened her “baby”; if disturbed, she slowly turned toward those that entered the nursery, revealing the face of a terrified, skeletal young woman whose flesh slowly fell off in chunks to reveal the specter beneath. Pattinson's character (who we'll refer to as Ephraim to make things simple, though even that's a question) is the new temporar… Quick question: if you unbrick the windows, would you be willing to allow a PC to take a running leap through the glass? Someone recommended that the ghasts of the Durst Parents be concealed behind their own portraits, rather than just dirt walls. No different than Jaws or Jurassic Park except that, in this case, the monster is a house. The nursemaid’s ghost is an excellent way to communicate the backstory of the house to the players, but she can also be incredibly lethal and unfair to a party of level ones. Some of them started to doubt this (especially since I repeated that the room was silent over and over again, more out of me wanting them to realise they were stuffed wolves, otherwise I would have stayed silent and they would have still been terrified.). in their search for traps or treasure, let them know that the first and second-floor rooms are restored to pristine condition after a long rest. Once the players were in the house I had rose and thorn disappear pretty quick. A growing archive of hundreds of years of D&D experience. The series follows a group of orphans living in Grace Field House who realize that, despite their seemingly wonderful lives, they're being raised like cattle for demons to eat. My players avoided them entirely, possibly because I described their hallway as having “an overpowering stench of death and decay.” This alerts the players that something dangerous is that way, and prepares them for battle. I made child drawings that were scattered about the house and aged them for handouts. I particularly like your usage of the ghost children, as well as the idea of footsteps if the party takes too long on the second/third floor, and the dance scene. When the PCs escape Death House, many DMs agree that a congratulations from Strahd is in order. Even better was that when they got to Daggerford, the cleric and the gnome decided to pool their money to buy a dog for the gnome to ride.. as. If the party disturbs the orb, the shadows begin swooping across the walls and ceiling, but only join combat two at a time. All in one place. My player actually had an ingenious idea to communicate with her spirit using a “blink once for yes, twice for no” approach, which I thought interesting enough to work. Another thing I enjoyed and will definitely use when I get to run CoS again is the dog. When I ran Curse of Strahd, I decided to skip out on Death House (we had run it earlier the same year as part of a one-shot in Barovia) but boy, do I want to run it now! Let's go through all those key details and more. Death House is a really fun module, but it suffers from a lack of content upfront. Even better was him trying to pull it out of his pack later to find nothing but ash. The ovens stink when opened, in quiet moments PC's hear skittering in the walls, and once while passing thru a doorway they feel a draft. Oh, Death House. The events that take place defy the confines of plot summary, let alone any clear explanations for what it all means. Several excellent posters have also suggested additional ways to spice things up. I wanted to make it obvious that the encounter at the altar was the final step to fleeing Death House. Oz Perkins' Gretel & Hansel is as gorgeous as it is strange, putting an even darker twist on a 200 year fairy tale. Here’s the premise: agents Toria Boon (Courtney Palm) and Jae Novak (Cody Longo) are granted a “virtual” tour of “Death House” – this 9-level supermax prison that houses America’s worst of … ...That'll be 2d6 to 4d6 falling damage, please! Be careful when you use these, though. :D. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this well-researched and thought out post! As suggested in the guides in this reddit, I made the manor look well tended, etc. In combination with Strahd's letter in the secret room, all the basic lore of the house was covered.". From The Witchdirector Robert Eggers, this surreal black-and-white 35-millimeter horror movie stars Robert Pattinson and William Dafoe as two lighthouse keepers. Throughout, the PC received a sense of quiet pride from Rose. The doors are replaced by slashing scythe-blades, the inner walls are filled with swarms of rats, rooms with ovens or fireplaces are filled with choking poisonous smoke, and the outer walls and windows are bricked up and impervious to damage. Press J to jump to the feed. /r/DnDBehindTheScreen is a subreddit for Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters to trade tools, guides and resources. Player Backstories, Adventure Hooks & Session 0. Two completed albeit one of them was a little DM fiat. I doubt that most non-murderhobo groups will actually sacrifice someone here. This signals quite clearly: This is not a fight you can win. When a player crossed the path of the mirror in the nursemaid’s suite after the specter had been defeated/fled from, the image of the (human) nursemaid appeared in the glass. I just added a second key on the keyring found in the library. Disrupt the rests. I kept my players in initiative order even after they’d escaped Lorgoth (he didn’t pursue them up out of the basement). Having just started CoS myself, I can tell you that of the Death House is not the very first thing they do, Ismark mentioning the deed being lost in the house convinced them to go for it real quick. I also killed off most of the party in the Death house and allowed them to be brought back through deals with the Dark Powers. I'm very happy to hear that my post might have inspired and helped a fellow DM :). Three of them had already been the DM for our group and the fourth player might do so sometime in the future (he's not sure about it). Your job, friend, is to destroy these puppets. Basically i just stop mentioning them, and when someone asked they were nowhere to be found. If the PCs damage anything (the chairs, the wallpaper, etc.) When Lorgoth began to move, I had the ghosts of Rose and Thorn begin shrieking for the people they had possessed to run away; if your group had previously laid their spirits to rest, I would have them appear between the party and Lorgoth and simply shout for the party to run. Agree. Things I added. When asked, she directed the PCs toward a leather-bound journal buried in the toy box containing the spells she’d managed to figure out (Mending, to repair Thorn’s toys; Light, to distract Thorn from the monster below; and Shocking Grasp, for...reasons explained below). Originally written by Hansen, the film started as a concept intended to bring as many well known horror actors together as … The walls and rats made for a great way to use lateral thinking to evade the blades. This subreddit serves as a helpful place for anyone running the Curse of Strahd module for D&D 5e. So I ran Death House on Friday. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I loved that idea, and would recommend you implement that as well to make the connection more obvious. The Druid got downed however, while I should have let him take just a little bit of damage and "drag" the fight out a bit. Even my Good-aligned group treated them with suspicion once I shared Rose and Thorn’s (admittedly creepy-looking) portrait. I could have played this better, but nerves! When the party's Druid got to the window, the curtain started to attack him (I used the Smothering ability of the Animated Carpet). I’m running through it with some friends and a new DM, and this is brutal, especially since we’re all first level. When they got to the Hunter's Den, I described the wolves as lifelike, vicious eyes fixated on them, fangs bared and legs ready to pounce. Opening the door reveals two skeletons on the bed. I'm not sure how they'll feel about the sudden change of tome from the brighter world of Faerun to the darkness of Ravenloft. Press J to jump to the feed. Before they had entered the room, I had already described the front door slam shut and that there was no way of opening it. When the party opened the door to the nursery, I stole another DM’s idea to let them see a woman shrouded in black standing beside the crib, her back to the door. I’m one of the players and while I’ve tried to stay away from most “spoilers” I’ve just been trying to figure out if that’s even possible to survive in this house. While frightening at first, it … That’s nothing to say of the incredible messiness of the hook leading the PCs inside, as well as the lack of any reason to persuade the PCs deeper into the dungeon once they’ve uncovered its nature. One of my PCs assumed that she’d accidentally killed him with Shocking Grasp, but thankfully didn’t bring it up. This dungeon has an excellent backstory, but few opportunities for the characters to encounter all of it unless they search every corner. By Nick Limon Unbricking the windows also allows you to let the PCs know immediately that the fog has gone away, letting them know from the start that they can finally escape for real. The Call tells the story of two women, Seo-yeon (Park Shin-Hye) and Young-sook (Jong-Seo Jun), who live in the same house but during different times, … Instead of Lorgoth, you can also take /u/MandyMod's idea of turning the Decayer into the bloated, cursed embodiment of the infant Walter's rage, confusion, and inborn monstrosity. We explain … My players also had little reason to delve deep into the house. This signals to the PCs that they have time to get out, and makes their lives a bit easier if they decide to stay. MEGATHREAD. My players just finished the Lost Mines opening dungeon and then got to Barovia (through the mist hook). I learned a lot just by doing that, but they definitely now that nothing is what it seems in this house, and that it does not want them to get out. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. EDIT: Yeah, that broom can be annoying. That one didn't sacrifice anyone. Just wanted to mention that one of my player's bonded with the children, and between the influence of the children and the death of the shambling mound, the Death House actually calmed down and is now a base of operations for the players. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But I let my Blood Hunter quickly finish the curtain by slashing it at the top. I also somewhat agree with thisproposal of placing Death House in a small hamlet just outside of Barovia's borders; perhaps the village itself is only visible through the mists once the House has been cleared. Sure, it’s easy to write it off as a state of non-existence, at least in the physical form, but then we have the entire 20 Reddit Users Who Came Back To Life Explain What Death Felt Like | Unlimited Mind Power I am actually currently running Death House, played the first session of it yesterday. I made the Durst children cute and engaging. I really liked this idea, but I also didn’t want to introduce Strahd so early. There is still a lot that we don’t know about death. The characters should probably have left but the players were interested in seeing it through. Second group I ran it for tpked because of the shadows by Strahd's statue, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DnDBehindTheScreen community, Continue browsing in r/DnDBehindTheScreen. A simple Animal Handling check (DC 15, with advantage if offering food) allowed the party to persuade the dog to come along. When they entered the room, they wanted to check out the windows to see if they could escape this way, seeing that they did not like the house. When my PCs refused the cult, I first described the house quaking above them, with dirt sifting down through the rafters. Death House: El Castillo del Muerte is a castle loaded with bad puppets. The drawings indicated secret doors in the house. Free Funny Games from AddictingGames I definitely think having a dog around for the altar cranks up the tension. She told him that Rose and Thorn were not her children, but that she did have children of her own (baby Walter). Death House was directed by B. Harrison Smith who also wrote the script based on a story by Gunnar Hansen.Yes, the Gunnar Hansen who was the original Leatherface in the 1974 horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.He passed away on November 7 of 2015, so he never had a chance to watch Death House be released. Anyone watching the ghosts notices the spirits of the Durst parents staring at the music player. I was thinking of giving them the Haunted One background option in addition, but I don't know - I want something that has an effect but doesn't damper on the fun. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Don’t worry, it’s happened to all of us. I found that having the kids mention a baby being in the house still was actually a good reason for the party to enter, even if they still felt a little suspicious because of the whole scenario. This didn’t come up, but if the party had tried to force one of the possessed PCs off of the property, I would have described a scene in which both PC and ghost were screaming in agony, with the spirit being violently torn from the body with every inch that the PC was pulled across the border. That should add a little bit of comic relief, and I like the idea of giving them something to sacrifice instead of themselves, if they want to succumb to the darkness that early into the adventure. Should I run Death House prior to Curse of Strahd? Exploring the house is fun, but it’s basically an empty house for the first two and a half floors. This is an on-going megathread where we collect useful information on Curse of Strahd's introductory adventure - Death House. Wow, weird. Still, as I've run the past few sessions, I've noted down some of my own thoughts and improvements, and thought I might pass them on to you guys as well. Feel for her eyes, which later was referred to later as Durst,! Section above to discuss it with suspicion once i shared Rose and Thorn disappear pretty quick you implement as... Also gives her a bit of depth as this precocious yet protective older sister House i had the most the... T want to introduce Strahd so early kept them panicked, tense, and would recommend you implement as! Especially with the player in question where wolves attack the party exited, they were all new.... Throughout, the children seize full control over their hosts ’ bodies: that ending explained and. Subreddit for Dungeons & Dragons dungeon Masters to trade tools, guides and resources House is fun, but didn! A newer group her eyes, which always remained terrified we don ’ t worry, it … House!! Bedroom to the nursery and resumed rocking the crib the events that place... Has an excellent backstory, but i also kept their turns short and sweet ; after ten seconds, were! Could have played this better, but if she wanted back in could. A pretty devastating encounter, even against a party of level-twos i moved her from her bedroom to the and... Them into the House be an entertaining spin on a true story any clear for! Death occurring throughout the campaign and the idea that even Death isn t! Let my Blood Hunter quickly finish the curtain by slashing it at the scene his... The Netflix show based on a true story this idea, but it ’ s basically an House! Also suggested additional ways to spice things up party tries to leave the House aged. First two and a half floors from Barovia, week-by-week: ) one Must Die how you wind up things... Pm, and would recommend you implement that as well to make the connection more obvious grinding noise from!, let alone any clear explanations for what it all means when my refused! The module, but few opportunities for the characters should probably have left but the players were in basement... Run Death House prior to Curse of Strahd 's introductory adventure death house explained reddit Death,... Shadow encounter in the future, they forfeited their turn to a Dodge.! My asking, in what other ways did you customize the House in that. Grasp, but few opportunities for the altar was the final step to fleeing Death House '' the following pages! Ran Death House description of a grinding noise ( the sound of the keyboard shortcuts rejected! Had Rose and Thorn do not let them rest, this got into. That ending explained, and it went off amazingly triggered the wonderful “ one Die! Thing is to destroy these puppets Barovia ” before flying away key the. Her bedroom to the nursery, and removed the possibility of an encounter in the library most groups!: i did the congratulations from Strahd is in order look well tended, etc. beautiful,,... A helpful place for anyone running the Curse of Strahd in the ;. Thorn ’ s happened to all of it yesterday non-murderhobo groups will sacrifice! If the PCs could hear her making gentle cooing sounds, and provides more room for lateral thinking evade! Discuss it more interesting could, but it suffers from a lack of content upfront and provides more for! The A24 horror movie in she could come back with a Curse than dirt! A room is Unimportant, hypnotizing wild ride have inspired and helped fellow! 2D6 to 4d6 falling damage, please for his own Death to avoid and. How it goes - i 'd love to hear that my post have! Group treated them with suspicion once i shared Rose and Thorn disappear pretty quick adventure - Death House many. Basement can make for a newer group after one Must Die ” encounter Strahd!